Escape rooms in Oakham, Rutland




What is an escape room?

It’s a real life adventure game - an exciting new form of entertainment, where a group of 2-8 players enter a themed room and have to use clues, codes, teamwork, brain power and strategy to solve all the mysteries to find the final key to escape from the room.

Your team is locked in a custom built, challenging, entertaining environment. The experience will build you and your friends into a team, where everybody has an important role to play. Try to keep a cool head as you navigate your way around the space; you’re going to have to work as a team to discover the hidden clues, objects and codes to complete all the puzzles that stand in between you and your freedom. 

And you only have an hour to do it. Good luck!

Is it dangerous?

Not really. There are always risks - you might bump your head on a bench while hunting below it for a clue, or crash into one of your team mates in your enthusiasm to poke something in a hole.

It’s nowhere near as dangerous as your car ride to get here!

What should we wear?

Anything you like, but you will be on your feet for the whole hour - so we’d probably avoid stilettos.

Appropriate fancy dress might earn you a bonus five minutes but apart from that, whatever you’re comfy in.

How many people can play a game?

2 - 8 players.

How long does a game take?

From when the clock starts, you have one hour to escape. 

10 - 15 minutes before your scheduled time would be perfect.

We need time for briefing and debriefing, an hour to play, and a bit spare for us to reset the game for the next players.

What time should we arrive?

Yes. We have seven dedicated spaces right outside the building.

Do you have parking?

Yes. We ask players to leave all personal items in a locked box in reception.

Can I store personal items?

Yes. As long as you have booked and paid for your slot in advance, you can bring extra players at £10 per person.

Maximum of 8 players.

Can we bring an extra person on the day?

Can we pay with cash?

Unfortunately not. We only accept payment by card for bookings.

There are no refunds for cancelled bookings. However, if you can let us know with two days notice, we will try and reschedule your booking.

What if I need to cancel?

Really sorry but we are up a flight of stairs so sadly not wheelchair accessible.

Do you have disabled access?

Ages 10+. Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

What age are your escape rooms suitable for?

Yes. There’s nothing that should endanger a pregnant woman and you should just about fit through all the doors.

The “Framed” party room does have an easy chair or two, and there’s a stool in the Gas Alert room, so you could puzzle a few things out sitting down if it helps. However we take no responsibility if the excitement brings on the birth.

You can leave the game at any time through the entrance door if you need to.  One of our assistants is a midwife in her other life, so you might hit lucky and get a free consultation in the process. 

Can i try to escape if i’m pregnant?

Our aim is to create fun interactive and challenging games but no, they’re not overly scary.

If you have a delicate constitution there may be the odd dark moment, or fright, but on the whole I’d say these games aim for fun and lots of laughter. 

Are your rooms scary?

Yes. We suggest going before you play! Once the door has closed behind you, you’re in for the duration.

Obviously we’ll let you out whenever you like, if you need us to. But you don’t want to spoil the game!

Do you have toilet facilities?

No. However, there are loads of places to eat and drink just a few minutes walk away in Oakham.

If you get to open the antidote bottle, then you can have a quick swig for free!

Do you sell drinks/food?

Do you do walk-ins?

No. However, you may be able to book on the same day. Please give us a call or check the booking page for availability. 

Remember the most popular dates fill up fast. Special events like Halloween,  Christmas, New Year, and Easter, and school holidays are the first to go, so do book well ahead of time if you’re thinking of coming during busy periods.

What are your opening times?

10:00 – 21:00 every day, except Tuesday. Check the booking page here for availability.

Can we bring alcohol?

No. Anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused entry on safety grounds.

Can we take photos?

No, sorry. We don’t want to risk all our secrets making their way onto social media, but we will take your photo at the end if you like.

Do we play the room with other teams?

No. Once you have made a booking, your team will be the only one to play the room at your chosen time slot!

Other teams may play our second room simultaneously. If you have a group of 9+ and would like to play head to head against each other and the clock, please contact us to arrange your group booking.

If you bring 9-16 people to play both games simultaneously, the price per person is reduced to £12.00 each.

What happens in an emergency?

Don’t worry, the door you enter to start the game is always open so you can get out in the event of an emergency.

Obviously if you choose this way out, it won’t count as an escape win, but it saves you from worrying about feeling claustrophobic or needing a quick exit for health reasons.