Escape rooms in Oakham, Rutland




...a complete different level of design, use of space, uniqueness with many new ideas and puzzles we’d NEVER seen before ...
— TripAdvisor
...having done over 50 rooms ... this has gone right up into my top five overall games for enjoyment of gameplay and the fantastic setting of the room.
— TripAdvisor
Would definitely recommend giving it a go - a real asset to Oakham. I only wish I could do it again!
— TripAdvisor

Opened in July 2019.

One Way Out is an escape room experience located in Oakham, Rutland.


Come and be immersed in one of our themed escape rooms.

Use strategy, team work and brain power to crack codes, solve puzzles and complete the game in 70 minutes.

During the event your game master will guide you if you need a hint.

Work together, think together and most importantly, laugh together.

10:00 - 21:00 daily

The Escape Rooms are mainly suited to adults, however, youngsters from 10+ would be able to enjoy the experience if accompanied by adults (18+) to guide them along!


Who are we?

Tessa Angell is celebrating retirement, thirty years married and… a new baby - One Way Out Escape Rooms. The idea was conceived in October whilst playing her first escape game ever, in Cornwall on holiday, and suddenly it seemed that everything in her life to date had been leading up to this moment. Working with people, teaching in schools, organising events, devising treasure hunts, geocaching, even a spell of decorative painting have all stood her in good stead to create the One Way Out experiences.

And nine months on, the birth is upon us.

It’s true to say that the sleepless nights have come thick and fast as puzzles have been devised, props collected, legalities battled over and rooms decorated. The premises on Long Row are spacious with room for two large escape experiences as well as a reception area and a Puzzle Room for free taster games and things to play with while guests are waiting. 

The themes were a natural choice - they’re what she knows best. A science teacher for many years (although thankfully never with a fatal gas leak) the first room to open is a drama in a science lab, featuring a rather eccentric scientist. I wonder who she based her character on?

An eager host of many social occasions- and Queen of the Rutland Red Hatters social group, Tessa is a great organiser of parties (all so far without a murder), so a party whodunnit was the other obvious choice. Family members feature heavily in this game as you try to work out which one did the dastardly deed.

A childhood friend has built the set in a remarkably short time and Tessa has been in the building every spare minute painting and creating intrigue at every turn.  So many friends have helped fold and deliver leaflets. Son Fred has helped with all the digital wizardry and daughter Molly, a midwife in Nottingham is fully on board as a part time game master. Husband Geoff, formerly parish priest in various Rutland churches has been a slightly reluctant convert to the escape room enterprise, but as with their two real live kids, has been a hands on practical and loving support. 

The Angell Family is excited and delighted to welcome you to play our new escape games in Oakham.