Escape rooms in Oakham, Rutland




Your group will face unique challenges which will mould them into a real team. They must connect with their joint mission and reach their target.

One of the most important characteristics of a successful company is that they can forge their people into efficient teams, optimising their skills and maintain motivation, working together for success.

Playing our escape games together will help to explore unseen and unused capabilities of the individual team members. The games generate artificial tensions which may reveal hidden strengths. Time pressures increase the speed of decision making and force tighter cooperation since the target can only be achieved with a fully functioning, cooperative team.

If you have a group of 9+ and would like to play head to head against each other and the clock, please contact us to arrange your group booking.


We Can’t Offer Refunds, But Will Always Try To Reschedule You For Another Visit, See Our Terms And Conditions.